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4:01 p.m.

Ahhh Diaryland. I think about you often. I made a 2004 resolution to write everyday and I have been but its all been too juicy to put up here in the hodge site.

I am getting ready to start my very last semester of graduate school. Isn’t that thrilling? I am graduating for real in May and I am in less of a panic about it because I am even looking at maybe possibly employment options for the fall. Life can be kind occasionally. For a moment there I thought I was going to have to continue my hiding out and just pick up on of those PhDs but luckily I can participate in the my life and the real world for now. I’ll be sure to come running back to the comforting inclusiveness of academia when things get tough.

I am excited about the rest of my 2004 resolutions. Certainly one of them is to not get cancer again. I am 9 for 9 days on that resolution as far as I know. I am not doing too well with the migraine issue though – ringing in at a 4 to 9 day ratio – not so hot. Seeing the doctor on Monday about that since oh – I don’t know those little headaches affect my ability to lets see… do ANYTHING.

What else… ah yes, this is the year of leaving the crap job with the evil agenda wo-manager. I have to put up with it for several more months but knowing it will be over-over soon is enough motivation. I hope to get some respect with my career change. I must have been naďve in my early twenties but now I know that almost all women are on a lifelong uphill battle to be taken seriously. Even with advanced degrees and work and life experience it’s always a challenge. Maybe I shouldn’t wear white belts and motorcycle boots anymore though…. That shouldn’t matter.

Writing and being productive are my main resolutions. So is staying in a fabulous relationship. And going to the gym twice a week with S (so –far so good –even though its only been one week).

Other resolutions – and this is a big one – to actually pay for and/or pay attention to preventative maintenance for my automobile. Does anyone else find this impossible? It took me nearly a full year to replace my freaking windshield wipers! And from what I understand – these items are essential to the sight function of driving. We’ll see how this one goes. Definitely a resolution that is in the advanced adult category. I am reading that old NPR Click and Clack book on how cars work.

Taking care of business.

2004. Word up.

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