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12:51 p.m.

When you donít update for so long it gets harder and harder as the days pass. Iíve been checking in on my favorite Dlanders Diaries but every time I go to update I canít think of anything to say. And since itís been weeks I feel like I should really SAY SOMETHING. But when I actually get around to writing I feel like discussing convenience stores and French toast. Stuff like that. Iím at a loss.

Probably because I started this diary for the express purpose of complaining about cancer and cancer treatment and receptionists and now I am a full year out of treatment. I do like to complain about graduate school and I still have to go to the doctors every once in awhile.

In the time since I have written I finished my cancer masterpiece. It took everything out of me to edit all (and there was a Ďshitloadí) of my treatment footage into something I wanted to say and show about it all. But, I did it. I made the worldís greatest cancer video.

So I guess that is excuse enough for not updating lately Ė Iíve been busy. Plus I am still mad at diaryland because I canít get into my diaryland email. (sign guestbook if you wanna contact me) I might have to move this production over to a new space. Since I am closing the cancer chapter it might be a good idea anyways.

Since I am all done with the family and Christmas stuff and since I have a whole week off until I have to do anything. I just might get back up to updating, even if it is about French toast.

The new year always makes me nostalgic.

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